17 January 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #2 - Burnt Island

Out of all of the gigs that I helped to organise last year, this was probably the one that was the most memorable. Not just because it was the only one that I was sober at (only because there wasn't a rider for me to steal), it was down to a number of different factors. The unique beauty of the Hidden Lane Cafe where the gig was held, the panic of finding out 24 hours before the gig that we didn't have a working PA and the shear awesomeness of both bands.
If you've ever been to the Hidden Lane Cafe then you'll be able to appreciate quite how small it is, so I am still pretty amazed that we managed to squeeze over 30 people into a space that small. Bearing in mind that we still had all of the band's equipment, the tables & chairs and all of the equipment that Sean, who recorded and edited all of the recordings, needed.

As it was our first venture into recording Peenko Sessions in a live setting, it made sense that we ask two bands to play. Having already sounded out Rodge from Burnt Island if he would be up for being our guinea pig, I later discovered that he was friends with Paul Carlin (of Dananananaykroyd fame), who had also been recording his own wee side project of lo-fi recordings under the moniker of Ghost Pants. Paul had roped in some friends and was looking to start playing live, so I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss. I asked him if they fancied making their live debut at 'The Tea Party', and thankfully they said yes.

This week we have the Burnt Island session, and you can download all of the tracks from the show below. If you keep scrolling down then you can find videos for all of the songs, apart from the last track 'Friends' which we don't have any footage of as the song was played in total darkness.
If you scroll to the very bottom of the page there is a stream for you to be able to download the whole gig in full.

Track Listing

I would also like to to take this opportunity to say a few thank you's. Firstly, to Kirsty for letting us come in and take over her beautiful little tearoom. The aroma of her home baking was much more enjoyable than your average gig where all you can smell is stale sweat.

Thanks to all of Burnt Island and Ghost Pants for coming in and for recording sessions for me. Burnt Island's mini album, 'Music & Maths' just sold out on CD last week but you can still download it. It comes very highly recommended. I will be posting up the Ghost Pants recording next Monday, so make sure you come back then for more awesome tunes.

A massive thanks to Boab from Campfires in Winter for being my knight in shining armour, as it was him who came to the rescue by providing us with a PA at the very last minute.

Lastly I have to thank the very talented Sean McCann from 'Light Up Glasgow Skyline' who records and edits all of this for me. If you're looking for someone to record and produce any of your songs then he comes very highly recommended, also he's a cracking fella too.

Hidden-Lane Tea Room
Burnt Island
Light Up Glasgow Skyline

Timeless Colour

Fun Thing

Man On Fire

The Year Of Open Doors

Hiding out

Headphone World


Music and Maths

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