01 June 2012

Friday Freebies

I'd like to start off this weeks post by letting you all know that there won't be a Friday Freebies post next week as I am heading up to Inverness on Wednesday morning for this years goNorth Festival. Instead of sitting in front of my laptop next Thursday night, I will be at the Bloggers Showcase that myself, The Pop Cop and Song, By Toad are putting on. If you're up in Inverness make sure you come along to Blackfriars on Academy St  to catch Make Sparks, Sebastian Dangerfield, CD/EX and Yusuf Azak. Right that's the shameless plugging over, onwards and upwards with this weeks Freebies...

Funnily enough the first time that I ever saw Woodenbox was two years ago at my first ever goNorth, although they played in a tiny wee pub thta was only half filled, they stood out as one of the best things I caught at that years festival. Since then I have seen umpteen times and played their debut album, Home and the Wildhunt an unhealthy number of times. So unsurprisingly, I am really looking forward to hearing their forthcoming EP, 'The Vanishing Act'. If the lead track, "Kings Liar" is anything to go by, then we should be in for a treat. The single is available now as a free digital download from their SoundCloud page. If you want to catch the boys playing live, then you're in luck as tonight in they're at the Doghouse in Dundee, on Saturday night they're playing at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh and on Sunday they're doing two gigs at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow. That'll be an afternoon show which is 14+, followed by an evening show.

  King's Liar by woodenboxmusic

The Pictish Trail
As I have said in the past, I am not really a big fan of remixes, but this Becky Becky remix of The Pictish Trail's Of Course You Exist is pretty shit hot. Since I started this blog I don't think I have ever used the phrase, 'proper bangin', but in this case I can't think of a more apt description. As always the track is free to download.

  Of Course You Exist (Becky Becky remix) by The Pictish Trail

The Second Hand Marching Band
Good things come to those who wait apparently, in the case of The Second Hand Marching Band that better be true as it feels like we've been waiting an age for their debut album to emerge. Not ones to do things by halves, they have been busy recording, not one, not two, but three albums. One's a happy album, one's a sad depressing one and the other features Benni Hemm Hemm, so that's billed as being the Icelandic album. The first album is due to see the light of day in September, which one it will be is still unclear. However, to get you all in the mood they've posted up a demo track by called Can't Sing, as a free download on their homepage.

Gold Lions
Fans of the Black Keys, Jack White and White Denim take note, as Gold Lions should be right up your street. They've just made their new single 1000 Ships available as a free download on their SoundCloud page, rather ace it is too. With their debut album due out later this year, this Edinburgh two piece are well worth keeping your eye on.

  1000 Ships (Album Version) by The Gold Lions

If you don't listen to the podcast Cloud Sounds, you should as it's fucking ace. Over the past few years, Ted who runs it, has introduced me to a fair number of cracking wee bands. Most recently he's got me hooked on the new Onions album Pleasure Blast, which is one of the best things indie-pop records that I have heard in ages (they're not Scottish, hence the reason why they haven't featured on here...yet). Anyway, I am rambling, sorry, there is a point to this, honest. In his most recent episode he played something from Manchester outfit, Easter. Now this is a band that I have seen Matthew banging on about a fair bit, but I'd never bothered my arse to check them out until now. Basically they've got song called 'Damp Patch' up on their Bandcamp page as a free download, it's taken from their forthcoming album, ''Innocence Man' which is out a week on Monday (11th June). If this tune is anything to go by, then I might well have to invest some pennies when it comes out.

In recognition of the anniversary of Jeff Buckley's death, Peter Kelly, aka Beerjacket, is giving away a free download of a live version his track Joy For The Sad. The song which was recorded back in 2006 was in part inspired by the early passing of two artists that have were a big influence on Beerjacket's music , Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith. You can also catch Beerjacket live this July as he's going to be headlining King Tut's on the 17th, playing songs from his last album, The White Feather Trail.

Los Campesinos!
The Welsh seven piece are giving-away a free download of a brand new song called “Tiptoe Through The True Bits,” from their homepage.

If you were listening to Uncle Vic's show on Monday night you would have had the pleasure of catching Edinburgh MC Profisee in session. If you liked what you heard and you want to hear more, then you're in luck as the Sega Bodega Remix of his track Shake is free to download from SoundCloud.

  Profisee - Shake (Sega Bodega Remix) by Sega Bodega

Ded Rabbit
Edinburgh indie outfit, Ded Rabbit, have a whole host of of free downloads up for grabs on their SoundCloud page.

Dundonian three piece, Dave? are giving away a free download of their track Take This Chance on their Bandcamp page.

Drunk Mule
Ah it wouldn't be a proper Friday Freebies post if  I didn't have a free track to share with you from those lovely Drunk Mule boys, this weeks new track is called 'Pretty Way Out' and it's another wee belter. Download it for free from their Bandcamp page.

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