16 June 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #7 - I Build Collapsible Mountains

I said earlier in the week that I'd have the next Peenko Session up and being a man of my word here we have it, it's I Build Collapsible Mountains recorded live at the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms. Since releasing his debut EP, 'A Month Of Lost Memories', the one and only release on Peenko Records, Luke Joyce (aka IBCM) has moved onto much bigger things having been signed up to an American Record label, making festival appearances and he's just been lined up to play with Scott from Frightened Rabbit later in the year. It's an exciting time for Team IBCM, then again all of that wouldn't have come about if he wasn't as talented as he is. Having heard some of his new material, it's amazing to see how he's developed as a songwriter and I loved his first EP.
So a few weeks back we had him down at the cafe to record a session for us, it was possibly the sweatiest, yet sweet smelling gig I have ever been to and Luke was fucking awesome. You don't have to take my word for it as you can stream, download and watch the session below...

Track Listing
1. Trail Song
2. Rails
3. History Making
4. Jump the Blue / Where We Go Tomorrow
5. Spectator and the Act
6. Burn


Watch the rest of the session on my YouTube page.

A special thank you goes out to Sean from LUGS for filming and recording all of this, to Boab for his camera work skills, Kirsty for letting us take over her awesome cafe and to everyone who came along and made the evening as special as it was.

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