20 June 2011

Fresh Meat Monday - Lovers Turn To Monsters

Would you care to introduce yourself?

Hello, my names Kyle Wood. I’m from a failed miners village in West Lothian called Whitburn. and in my spare time I make music as the one man band Lovers Turn to Monsters; I’ve been doing it for some time now.

How would you describe the music that you make?
The most difficult question a musician can be asked… I guess the best way to describe it is just; me in music form. As possibly idiotic as that sounds, and as much of a cop out it sounds its true. It’s not really folk, or rock , or country, or pop. It’s just a variety of instruments in an arrangement I think sounds Nice… Does that constitute as an answer? I sure hope so. (I'd say that it did - Peenko)

How did you start out making music?

I started off as an after thought for a band who needed a bass player, they weren’t getting along with their current bass player and I was always at their practices so they just asked me to buy a bass and teach myself. Which I did and then after years of standing at the back with a couple of different bands I decided to have a go myself… Like most musicians I was greedy for the spotlight hah. Lovers Turn to Monsters basically just sprouted from there; me sitting about in my room, writing and recording songs then realising I only enjoyed them when I did everything in them.

What process goes into the way you write songs?

There’s nothing really exciting involved in my song writing, I’m no Brian Wilson or that. I don’t lock myself in a room for weeks in the darkness and sing one note for hours on end. Usually just something exciting or reasonably interesting happens; it sticks in my mind and I turn it into lyrics, or I turn the clever things my friends say around till they sound like lyrics and then the music swiftly follows. I suppose I’d point out I usually write lyrics first, I feel they’re the most important part of my music, but at the same time I don’t want to point that out in fear of being tagged a singer-songwriter ewwww.

What can people expect from your live shows?

I’d like to think some sort of honesty, but that‘s probably just an excuse for me buggering up all the time. It’s mostly just me and my drum machine so some mad beatzzz are always in order as well. I’ve always hoped Lovers would evolve into some epic Broken Social Scene typed collective but I can hardly organise me and my drum machine so I think that’s probably out of the question for now.

What are you listening to at the moment?

There’s never usually a pattern in my play lists but today I had a wee listen to Alex Turners solo EP and Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells album has not been off my I-pod. Oh I’ve also been listening to James Yorkston! Cause I’m reading his book, Lovely chap. Lovely music. I’m easily pleased.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in 2011?

I’m always writing and recording so there’ll probably be my usual overly prolific output. But after releasing “Beyond Glasgow Howls” I’ll probably just be doing my usual gigging trying to make some money back from all that I put in. And I guess I’ll probably be trying to get back to playing with my band Boygirlanimalcolour cause they’ve been slightly side tracked with all my album excitement. And that’s about it, my usual juxtaposition; jumping between laziness and too much work. I’m certainly a confusing entity to deal with…

Lovers Turn To Monsters - Come with Me


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