13 October 2010

Peenko Blog is Two Years Old Today!

Who'd have thought I'd have made it this far, certainly not me. When I started this blog two years ago the only aim I had was to try and introduce some of my friends to some of the music that I was enjoying. Two years later and still none of them listen, Jamie you are of course the exception to this rule.

In all honesty I still have to pinch myself when I think about everything that's happened in just two years, I know it's going to sound really cheesy (just call me monsieur fromage), but the most enjoyable thing that has come from all of this is the number of amazing people that I have met, many of whom I now consider to be really good friends. I'm pretty sure that they still think I'm a fud, but as long as they only say it behind my back it's all good. Seriously though, I just want to say thank to everyone who's ever done anything to help me out, there are so many great folk out there in the Scottish music scene that are in this for the right reasons, that feeling of being part of a collective that might be making a difference means a lot to me and it's the main reason for me doing this. As for those folk who I think are in it for completely the wrong reasons, buy me a beer and I'll happily rant away. Shit, I am starting to ramble, sorry I can't help it.
Aye, so things are all good, nearly everyone's great, etc... I can well imagine that you're starting to think, where's he going with this. Surely there must be a point to this post is he just going to ramble on for another five minutes, you'd think that and normally you'd be right. But just this once I am actually going to tell you a few wee things that I have planned in the next few months.

First off, last year I celebrated Peenko Blog's 1st birthday by giving away free badges. Affa bonny they were too, sadly that first badge are all gone, although you can admire one of them on David from Kid Canaveral's guitar strap, you'll have to squint your eyes somewhat to see it in that picture though. This year I have decided to up the ante somewhat, this year I have decided that it's about time to start Peenko Records. Yep, you heard that right, I am foolishly following my fellow bloggers Matthew 'Song By Toad' and Ed '17 Seconds', and will be starting up my own wee label. That was the inspiration for my series of Scottish DIY labels, I was really just using those folks to get some pointers before I took this big plunge.

Some of you already know, but in case you don't, the first release will be with Edinburgh based singer song writer, I Build Collapsible Mountains. Better known to some as Luke Joyce from post-rock outfit, The Gothenburg Address and also renowned photographer. He's one talented fella, so I am honestly really flattered that he agreed to be my guinea pig so to speak.
So how did I end up in this position you might well wonder, well to be honest I had been toying with the idea for ages now, having heard so much amazing stuff coming out of my own backyard I felt frustrated that there are so many amazing artists out there who just aren't being heard.
So when Luke sent the songs over towards the start of the summer asking what I thought of this new artist he'd 'discovered', I really was quite taken aback by how good the songs were. Being the inquisitive kind of guy that I am, I was soon pestering Luke to try and tell me a bit more about who this 'guy' was. Soon after of course he revealed that it was actually him behind the songs and that he really just wanted to get back some unbiased feedback on his songs.
What followed was him sending me over some songs every so often asking me if I thought they were any good or not. At no point did it really ever occur to me that I could put release the songs for him, that was of course until I could made redundant and I suddenly had a lot more time on my hand, plus the lump sum pay off that I received might have helped too.
So I sneakily asked him whether or not he had thought approaching anyone with his songs, I guess you can see where this is going. My leading question, led to me asking whether or not he fancied doing something with me, he said 'yes' and the rest as they say is history.

Recorded in his own flat, the debut mini-album, 'A Month of Lost Memories' is collection of songs which reflect a small moment in time of a persons life. For me it's a truly stunning and intimate experience that just gets better after each listen. Don't worry, Boab will be reviving his 62 W0rd Review for a special one off post on the album tomorrow, so you'll have something more in-depth to read about. Also, just to prove that it's not just me, have a look and see what these very kind folk have had to say about it already, The Tidal Wave of Indifference, Bluesbunny and Glasgow Podcart. You can make your own mind up though, as you can stream the album in full using the embeded link below.

<a href="http://webuildcollapsiblemountains.bandcamp.com/album/a-month-of-lost-memories-cd-version-with-exclusive-tracks-available-from-www-ibcmountains-com">A month of lost memories. (CD version with exclusive tracks available from www.ibcmountains.com) by I Build Collapsible Mountains</a>

Just to prove that these were all hand made, here's some of the assembly process in pictures...

Stage 1

Stage 2

There will also be some wee badges chucked in there good measure - it's worth buying a copy just to get your hands on one of those sexy new Peenko badges...

'A Month of Lost Memories' is out now, you can download a copy at I Build Collapsible Mountains Bandcamp page, or you could always got for one of the sexy little handmade numbers over on Big Cartel. They're only £5 and they're limited to just 50 copies, once they're gone that's your lot.

You'd think that would be me wouldn't you, that would be it. I became a dad for the first time less than 7 weeks ago, so I really shouldn't be taking on anymore projects. Then again I never was one for doing things sensibly, instead I have managed to get myself involved in another really exciting project. Not content with having one label, myself and Halina from the Glasgow Podcart have decided to 'go into business' together to form Olive Grove Records.
I will let you know a bit more about this nearer to the time, but on the 15th of November we will be putting out our first release with Randolph's Leap. Keep Thursday the 18th of November free, as there will be a special free launch night at the Captains Rest to celebrate the release of their 'Battleships and Kettle Chips' EP.

You can stream the lead track, 'As I Lie In The Mud' below, it should give you a good indication of what you can expect to hear. I have been playing the EP in my car for a couple of months now, and I can confirm that it is really something special.

<a href="http://randolphsleap.bandcamp.com/album/battleships-kettle-chips-coming-soon">Battleships & Kettle Chips (coming soon) by Randolph's Leap</a>

Right, I am going to stop there. I do have a few more things planned which I will announce over the forthcoming week. I don't want to over whelm you with information, let's just say it's all very exciting and I can't wait to tell you all about it.....

Peenko x


  1. Congrats on your blog birthday!

  2. Anonymous14/10/10

    Where do you get the time?? During all those sleepless nights? That's THREE belated congratulations from MPT then!

  3. Anonymous14/10/10

    Sorry forgot to say I'd reviewed IBCM. Duh.