18 October 2010

Announcing Peenko Sessions #2: The Tea Party, featuring Burnt Island and Ghost Pants

After the success of the first 'Session' it would seem rude to not do another one. For our second recording we have decided it would be a lot more fun to host them in more of a live setting. As much fun as it was chilling out on Sean's couch, watching Kid Canaveral, it's time for us to get some of you lot involved. So on Thursday the 11th of November, we will be having our first live outing at The Hidden Lane Tearoom in Glasgow. If you've never been there before, then I would urge you to go and check the place out it as it's a cracking wee place to get a cuppa and some home baking - hence the reason for me asking the owner, Kirsty, if we could put the sessions on there. So I would also like to thanks in advance to her for agreeing to let a couple of strangers come in and take over the place for the evening.

So we have the amazing venue all sorted, what about the musical entertainment for the evening.
Kicking off the evening and also making their first ever live outing we have Ghost Pants. Some of you might already be familiar with the name after I mentioned their two free EP's in Friday Freebies. In case you missed it, Ghost Pants is a new side project Paul Carlin of American Men and Dananananaykroyd fame.
Our headliners for our first outing in a live environment will be provided by the hushed tones of the gorgeous Burnt Island. If you haven't already picked up on this band then I urge you to check them out, their mini album, 'Music and Maths' is an absolute corker of a record. As with Ghost Pants, they too have a few free downloads up for grabs, just head over to Wiseblood Industries were you will find a couple of free singles.

So there you have it, two cracking bands, one amazing venue. I would love it if some of you could come and join us for the evening. The night will kick off at 7:00pm, it's £3 on the door and there will be an array of cakes and tea on offer. Just make sure you get down to this one nice and early as this is going to be a very intimate evening.

Facebook Event

Burnt Island - Man On Fire

Ghost Pants - Light

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  1. Anonymous18/10/10

    Save me a seat. And a cake.