21 August 2010

We've Got It Covered #14

If you never come across the Second Hand Marching Band before, even if you have and you haven't heard this song before then you might be in for a shock. The SHMB are a large collection of musicians who play uplifting folky big band pop. At some point there can be upwards of around 20 of them playing at once. It really has to be seen live to be fully appreciated as to how to impressive it all is. When they recorded this cover as part of a Vic Galloway session last year it came as quite a surprise to see that they had decided to take on At the Drive In's 'One Armed Scissor' from their classic album Relationship of Command. Take it on they did, and they really did make it their own. This is one of my favourite covers that I have posted so far, enjoy.

Second Hand Marching Band - One Armed Scissor (At The Drive In cover)

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