25 June 2010

Friday Freebies

The Twilight Sad
The 'Sad boys recorded a session for LimeWire (when did LimeWire go legit?), they're currently giving away “Cold Days From The Birdhouse (Live At Lime)” as a free download here.

Jenny & Johnny
Perhaps you might know them better as Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame (does anyone know if they've officially split up?) and her Glasgow born boyfriend, Jonathan Rice. Well they've decided to make an album together, as a wee preview they're giving away a free download of their song 'Scissor Runner'. Pleasant enough it is too, although I must admit that it did make me pine for another album from Jenny's 'old' band.

Pink Nasty
Now here's a blast from the past, I haven't listened to Pink Nasty in years. In fact I must admit that I had totally forgotten about her, I must admit that I do feel kind of guilty about that, as 'BTK Blues' featuring Will Oldhan is one of my all time favourite songs. I guess she must have a new album coming out soon, as she's giving away her album 'Mold the Gold', featuring the latter song. Absoloutley gorgeous stuff, I'd be chuffed to hear what you all think of it.

With a new up album in the offing 'E' and his boys have posted new song 'Looking Up' for free download over on their homepage.

Any Color Black
The Glasgow electronica duo have posted a free download of their cover of Britney Spears '3', get yourself a copy here.

Tired Pony
Gary Lightbody's new supergroup, featuring folk from REM and Belle and Sebastian, have posted a free download from their forthcoming album, 'The Place We Ran From'. I think this was a US only download, but I'll save you all the signing up nonsense, just click here to download a free MP3 of their song 'Point Me At Lost Islands'

British Sea Power
They're not the kind of band that you'd expect to write a World Cup, but they have, it's titled “Football (Kick It In The Goal),” and it is available to download for free on their website.

Amazon have posted an MP3 of 'Learned to Surf' from the bands 'Leaves In The Gutter' EP up for free.

The Good Gods!
The Londoners are giving away an MP3 of their new single "Lying On Our Bright Red Backs", in exchange for your email address.

The Giving Tree Band
The folksy eight-piece Americana band are giving away a free copy of their song “Circles”, just sign up for their mailing list and they'll send you it (scroll to the bottom to find the widget).

Earthtone 9
I don't know anything about these guys, apart from the fact that they're giving away a collection of their songs from 1998-2002. If you know who they are, or your just plain curious, find out more here.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner


This weeks offering from the 'Doc' are a couple of cracking live shows from Beerjacket recorded live at King Tuts. He hopes the it might console some of you folk out there who missed out on seeing him at last weeks postponed gig.


  1. Great work on finding that Twilight Sad track, I'd heard the previews on Limewire when they posted it up on Twitter however was disappointed to find it might only be a US thing.

    Great lofi version! :)

    I get the impression British Sea Power are clutching at straws now too.

  2. I love downloading free stuff. Cool that you have it shared in here.