11 June 2010

Friday Freebies

They come from Aberdeenshire, they now reside in Edinburgh, they sound cracking. That's about all you need to know for now, don't believe me, then go and check out their Bandcamp where you will find a couple of free downloads.

Mates of State
The husband-and-wife indie pop duo have posted a free download of their cover of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End", which features on their forthcoming album 'Covers' album. Also, in case you missed it last time round, their cover of Girls track "Laura" is still available for nowt too.

Miss the Occupier
The Glasgow female fronted punk trio have posted their song 'Dead Pirates' up for free download over on their lastfm page.

Bad Veins
The Cincinnati's power-indie-pop outfit have posted their song 'Falling Tide', which is taken from their eponymous debut album up for free download

The Second Hand Marching Band

There's bloody thousands of them, and now there's a shed load (ten to be exact) free songs up for download on their lastfm page. If you haven't already heard/got a copy, check out the wonderful 'A Dance Half To Death', class song.

Something In Construction

The uber cool London label have teamed up with the NME to give away new and exclusive tracks from Memory Tapes, Phoenix, Class Actress, Air France, Phoenix, Freelance Whales, Washed Out and There Will Be Fireworks.

The Dodos
Here's on for the hipsters, or at least the hipsters that were for the initial buzz, the rest of you, well you're in for a treat. Give 'em your email and they'll send you a download of the Dodos Live From Akropolis (Prague), recorded in November of 2008. Cue some crap pun about them being extinct or the like, sorry but I'm not witty/shitty enough to do that.

Jesus H Foxx
With their debut album due out sometime in October, these Song By Toad-ers have posted a free download of their song 'J&J'. Get stuck in here.

Randolph's Leap
Now for a public apology (I feel like the Daily Star, they're always apologising for making shit up aren't they?). Last week I said that Randolph Leap's latest release was Eerie Indie Adam, turns out I had got my facts wrong, yes I know it's not like me, it is actually the oldest rather than newest release on their Bandcamp. They have a new single 'Squeamish', which is available for free, oh and it's a wee beauty.

Crystal Fighters
Their new single, 'In The Summer' isn't out until the 5th of July, however, you can get yourself a free copy now in exchange for your email address/a tweet on their homepage.

A Band Called Quinn
In anticipation of their headline set at Limbo Live (which was yesterday, oops), a free download of their song 'He's a Dog' is up for free download here.

I love this band, love em! Chuffed to bits to hear that a new album is in the offing. As a taster Stereogum have posted new song 'Wasted Daylight' up for free, sweet!

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

Futuristic Retro Champions

You might have spotted this on his blog last week, well now it's up for download it's time to give it another mention. Head on over to their Bandcamp page and get yourself a free copy of their 'LaChunky EP'.

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