30 October 2009

Friday Freebies

The Plimptons
As it's Hallowe'en Glasgow's very own '24 limbed Death-Pop leviathan' are giving away their new single 'I Hate Hallowe'en' for you to download for free, plus if you get yourself down to the Flying Duck nice and early tonight then provided you are one of the first 100 folk to turn up, then they'll give you a physical copy for free. Can't really grumble at that, go forth and download this pop gem here.

John B McKenna
I caught John B the other week at one othe pre-album launch shows for applesofenergy, mightily impressed I was too. If you are fan of your classic singer/songwriter, then I strongly suggest you check out his 9 new songs, which are free to download from here.
If this sounds like it'd be up your street then you can catch him in the flesh at Sleazys this Tuesday (3rd Nov), again with the aforementioned apples.

Rob St John

Having sold out all of the physical copies of their Alchemy and Tipping EP's, RSJ have now put them up to download for free from here.

North Atlantic Oscillation
The Metro compared them to a Scottish 'Animal Collective', so no pressure there then. Personally I am really loving their song 'Cell Count', these guys really will go places, go forth and download said song from the NME website. NAO release their debut EP 'Call Signs' on Kscope this coming Monday, go forth and splash some cash.

"It's amazing what they can do..........."

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