24 May 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

The Winter Tradition – San Diego
This single from forthcoming album Gradients isn't something I'd normally go out my way to listen to but I'm very glad it dropped into my inbox. Although it has that typical current guitar-pop sound (think Fatherson), there's plenty here to love. There are tight harmonies and tidy guitar lines, quiet bits and loud bits, pumping bass and an anthemic chorus. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Available from all the major digital outlets.

The Seven Deadly Sins – Misery Lake EP
This type of dark country-punk doesn't so much for me at all. It's fairly drab, standard stuff really and, although there's a nice atmospheric vocal sound throughout, it lacks originality both musically and lyrically. There's very little to set it apart from the pub-band crowd. A real shame, because some of their earlier output (Silver & Gold for example) was very good.

Available from 5th June

Thank You So Nice – Let's Make Money
Despite having the worst band name in Edinburgh, the new single from these guys is good, if initially a little confusing to the ear. Tied up in ropes of driven guitar and thick bass, there's a twee monster trying to break out. You could say it's the pop tune Dear Catastrophe Waitress-era Belle and Sebastian would've written had they owned distortion pedals.

Available now from Bandcamp.


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